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piano group class with sitted students and teacher writting on white board

Learn music as a



with highly interactive group lessons

One of the main goals of our classes is to teach music as a social and interactive activity rather than just a skill. One-on-one lessons are the traditional and most used format, but group lessons offer many advantages for students of all levels to learn how to make music with others. 

Available for Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Drums and Singing.


Our small classes (3-5 students) are made up of participants who have a similar background and musical level. Although students always have different strengths and weaknesses, lessons are directed and structured to give each student a personalized experience to help them work through their own challenges.  


Group level


Group lessons last 60min and are structured in several sections.

  • Instructions  The teacher explains the theory of new music topics and concepts or gives general ideas on how to make music to all students.

  • Exercises: the students practice together the tasks given by the teacher together. Whether it's learning a new song, a new technique, clapping beats together or warming up your fingers.

  • Practice time: Through the use of headphones, students can practice at their own pace when the teacher feels the need to give them some privacy with personalized guidance.


Structure of lessons


We use our own original methods to teach music with tools and concepts that encourage students to become free on their instrument. With practical exercises that involve listening, feeling, analyzing and understanding music on a deeper level, students will learn to be creative and play together as a band.


Unique methods

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