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Enjoy music

Without having space and a big budget.

Fast & Easily


Guitar Lessons in central London


We may be a little biased as most of us are guitarists, but is there a sexier and more impressive instrument? We don’t think so. Come and learn the guitar and everything such a simple and accessible instrument has to offer! 

One of the most incredible attributes the guitar has is the ability to accompany. The joy and fulfilment of being able to play the chords to your favourite song while you or your friends sing along is unmatched. We will develop a strong understanding of popular chord patterns, in order to work towards being able to play any song you wish, in any key required!


Accompany your singing


Maybe chords aren’t what you’re looking for, instead you’d rather learn how to shred a solo just like your favourite guitarist! Transcribing and learning famous solos from any genre of guitar playing is a great way to develop a solid musical foundation, and will improve your own improvisational skills. 


Iconical Solos


Of course the guitar on its own has a lovely sound, but we will also dive into the diverse world of guitar effects. Being able to explore multiple different sound options for the guitar will help form your own unique style of playing, as we move through effects such as distortion, delay, chorus, phase, reverb and many MANY more!

Experiment with sounds


Our Pricing

Our offer for Kids are slightly different as they follow the school calendar.

Single Lesson


/ 1 x lesson


No commitment

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

Ideal to try out

Pack of 10




/ 10 x lessons

usable within 6 months

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

One time payment


Monthly Course



/ per month

weekly lessons

Get your own regular slot

60 min duration

Participate in school concerts

Access to our scores Library  

Get unique practising playback

Record your pieces

109 for fortnightly lessons

Convenient Direct Debit setup

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