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Ukulele Lessons in central London


The ukulele is such a small but amazing instrument with Hawaiian origins that can play almost as much as the guitar. While the guitar is the favourite choice for many, the Ukulele is still a very versatile instrument easier to learn and perfect for accompanying your singing and playing all the songs you love. From the beginning you will be able to play AND sing into a microphone (if you wish) but you will also learn how to create chords progressions and write your own songs.

The ukulele is not only versatile but also small enough to be carried wherever you go. And while an okay guitar for beginners cost from £200, a great ukulele can cost only around £80. This is perfect for undecided adults and children who are not sure about learning an instrument. 

Small and Cheap

 uku 2.jpg

The ukulele has only 4 strings unlike the guitar that have 6. So the positions are easier to remember and to combine than on the guitar. But also because of its smaller size, you feel less tension in your wrists and the strings made of nylon are smooth and thin so it won’t hurt as much as on a guitar. These are all reasons why ukulele is also great for young children who wish to have fun quickly with less

effort and pain.


Why is it easier?


After playing the ukulele for several months, your fingers will get calluses and you will feel comfortable with some technics that work exactly the same way on the guitar. Learning the guitar then will be much easier and fun than without having any experience with string instruments. 

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Our offer for Kids are slightly different as they follow the school calendar.

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