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Terms and Conditions

Course Date and Terms


  • Thousand Seasons Studio is open all year round (excluding the 24/25th of December and the 1st of January)

  • We teach from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

  • All of our adult courses are annual 52-week courses paid in 12 equal monthly instalments from the starting date chosen during registration.

  • Once the first payment has been made, we assign a permanent weekly slot that is agreed according to student’s availability and free slots available for a particular instrument. 

  • To provide an efficient tuition we will make every effort to keep the slot unchanged and expects the same effort from the student.

  • In case a student is willing to change his lesson time the change needs to be discussed both with the teacher and director and will depend on availability.

  • In case of lateness the lesson time will not be extended and unless exceptional circumstances occur they are unlikely to start early. 


Termination Policy


  • New students commit to a minimum of three months before being able to terminate their course. 

  • After three months, any course can be terminated with 2 months notice. 


Lesson Cancellations 


  • Adult students are allow to miss up to 6 lessons per year for holidays or any other reasons. Missed lessons will be refunded a year after the starting date of the course or several days after the course has been terminated.

  • Students can cancel their lesson with more than 48 hours notice. Otherwise, missed classes will not be rescheduled nor refunded. (Missed lessons from Lab-Style Classes cannot be rescheduled at all)

  • In the case of our instructor not being able to attend a lesson due to an occasional professional reason or illness, the class will be provided online or rescheduled at a suitable time.

  • A substitute tutor may be assigned if the assigned tutor cannot teach for a longer but specified period of time.



School children and students


  • Our courses for school children and students (up to 25 years old) are annual 39-week courses paid in 12 equal monthly instalments. 

  • We provide tuition ONLY within school terms. 

  • Additional lessons can be booked during holidays and half-terms if the assigned tutor is available.

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