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  • Live perfomances

  • Events, interviews, weddings.

  • Live session within our studio

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Several times per year, we organise concerts for our students where they are able to perform everything they learned, either with playback or accompanied by musicians. 

A great experience lives forever with great visuals. Singing on stage is one of these intensive moments of your life you wish to remember. We give you the opportunity to get high quality photos or video of your performance. 


Sandra live session 2022-4.jpg

Once you recorded a song in our studio, why not come back to shot a so-called “live session”. We just grab our microphone, find a beautiful spot, maybe add some lights or smoke and let´s create a beautiful video you can share with the world on YouTube.

Video live session

Some examples of live sessions we shot


Prices varies depending of many factors. Let us know what you are looking for so we can advice and give you a precise quote.



 Live concert photos

we also shoot events, weddings, parties

from £100.00 



from £100.00

Video Shooting

we shoot concerts, interviews, events with 1 or 2 cameramen



Live Session Video 

we take care of the video shooting, sound recording and editing.

from £150.00

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