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Release your

and feel the power of grooving with others.


Energy & Passion


Electronic Drum Lessons in central London


The first things we do when listening to music is moving our bodies. We all know that dancing to the rhythm of a song always feels so good. Time to time, we all need to let it go, be free and in harmony with ourselves. Drums are the key element responsible for rhythms in music and playing the drum is something that is truly fun and energising. 

Nowadays, drums are played in most genres of music.

We believe our responsibility is not only to teach you how to play the music you like, but to invite you to listen and play rhythms and grooves from other music you haven’t discovered yet.


From the start, you will play with songs or jam with your teacher who will accompany you on different instruments like the bass, guitar or the piano. 


Discover more music


Music is not meant to be read, thought or learned by heart like you would learn a physics formula. It is meant to be heard and felt. At some point, playing drums come automatically with creating variations, changing rhythms spontaneously and learning to go with the flow of music.


Musical freedom


Some people tend to think that drums are always loud, big, heavy. That you need to have space for it and be a ´strong man’ to get started. You truly don’t. All you need is enough strength to hold the drum sticks, practice basic technique and understand the physics of it. And yes, having an acoustic drum in your home can be difficult.


But the truth is that an electronic drum solves all the problems and is even more versatile. Most people have a keyboard instead of a grand piano for the same reasons and there is nothing wrong about it. Actually, electronic drums have some benefits that beat acoustic ones. Check them out! 

What do I need to get started?


Our Pricing

Our offer for Kids are slightly different as they follow the school calendar.

Single Lesson


/ 1 x lesson


No commitment

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

Ideal to try out

Pack of 10




/ 10 x lessons

usable within 6 months

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

One time payment


Monthly Course



/ per month

weekly lessons

Get your own regular slot

60 min duration

Participate in school concerts

Access to our scores Library  

Get unique practising playback

Record your pieces

109 for fortnightly lessons

Convenient Direct Debit setup

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