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Recording Vocals

Whether it's a birthday gift, a wedding surprise or your first single, you can record your voice and sing the perfect song. We're here to advise you and turn your piece into a beautiful finished work of art. There is plenty of instrumental versions out there ready to use for creating your own version of your favourite song.


if you wish, our singing teacher Stella will be there during the recording session to advise you and give you tips so you can certainly give the best of you in front of the microphone.

Record your voice

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Have you ever dreamed about recording with a professional pianist? Guess what? We have our very own piano teacher who would arrange and record the perfect piano accompaniment for you. This is just ideal for creating an intimate and warm atmosphere like for an acoustic version of a song or reading a poem for example. 


You can also record the guitar or the piano yourself or we will find professionals musicians ready to record for you.

In Duo

If you wrote yourself a song, then it needs for sure a fresh new music. We can also take care of that by writing a customised production. Maybe you have a clear vision of how your music should sound and that is why we will always be 100% listening to your suggestions. We cover many genres: Pop, RnB, Neosoul, Hiphop, House, Jazz, Lofi, Disco etc... Let us know your thoughts, let´s discuss about it and let´s do great music.


Or with an instrumental music

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The most important thing in music is to have fun and bring back home great memories. After the recording, we'll take care of editing your vocal tracks so that you can be sure of getting a brilliant finished result.


Editing vocal consists of:

- pitch correction

- Rhythmic ambiguity improvement

- Unwanted mouth noises removal

- Frequencies optimisation / sound improvement

- Dynamics / volume control and regulation

- Too loud breathing noise reduction

- Unpleasant “SSS” noise reduction

- Adding Effects like reverb or delay


After you are happy with your recording, you are very welcome to come back to us so that we can shoot an unforgettable so-called "live session" of you.




"Love is on the brain"


 of our 



"Love is on the brain"





"Feeling Good"





Original song


Our Pricing

Recording Session


/ hour



Professional equipment

vocal editing: + £50 per song


Vocal coach included: +£30/h

Acoustic Instrumental




/ song

Creation of an acoustic accompaniment


Piano or Guitar

Original and personalised music

Full Music Production




starting from

Original and personalised music

Original song or remix

Discounts for recording sessions

with or without Mixing / Mastering

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