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Enjoy music

Without having space and a big budget.

Fast & Easily


Songwriting Lessons in central London


Do you want to be a song-writer but don’t know where to start? Do you want to develop your writing style or explore new genres? Would you like to write a little tune for your partner/family member/best friend and just need a bit of guidance? 
Here you can do all of the above and more at our one on song-writing classes!

Together we will explore the many aspects of song-writing! We will learn about flow and rhyming-schemes when writing effective and captivating lyrics, what makes for a beautiful melody and its suitable harmonies, how to find strong chord progressions, many different song structures… and more! 


What do we learn?


Song-writing isn’t just for one specific age group, absolutely anybody can write a song. All you need to bring is a passion for music and a desire for creating. These classes are not exclusively for experienced song-writers, we welcome even those who have never written a single melody before. If you’ve got something to say, then you’ve got a song!


Everyone Can Write Songs


Our teachers are professional song-writers who have experience writing in many different musical genres, so no matter what kind of song you think you are looking to write, we can help! Additionally, if you aren’t quite sure yet what kind of sound you’d like to explore, we are here to guide you through your unique musical exploration as we break down key elements of different genres to see which sparks the most interest in you!

All Music Genres


Our Pricing

Our offer for Kids are slightly different as they follow the school calendar.

Single Lesson


/ 1 x lesson


No commitment

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

Ideal to try out

Pack of 10




/ 10 x lessons

usable within 6 months

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

One time payment


Monthly Course



/ per month

weekly lessons

Get your own regular slot

60 min duration

Participate in school concerts

Access to our scores Library  

Get unique practising playback

Record your pieces

109 for fortnightly lessons

Convenient Direct Debit setup

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