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Individual Lessons, Group Lessons, Workshops, Student Concerts...

Lessons in English, French, German, Ukrainian, Russian.

About us

Thousands Seasons Studio is your opportunity to fully experience making music on a professional level or as your favourite hobby. To grow as a person, to awaken your talent, to improve your skills, get inspired and fill your life with great memories.


We offer many services open to all ages and levels with the goal to LEARN from professionals and experienced teachers, to SHARE your improvements with the possibility to record yourself and SHINE like a real artist by performing on stage, getting high quality Photos and Videos and personalised music for your next Song. 

And of course, we do everything so you can always ENJOY the process within our creative studio or online. 

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Music Lessons

Feel the tempo, vibe with 

the songs you love  

and jam on the drums with your teacher who accompanies you.

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What is actually music?

Music is like a language and they share the same purpose: 

to deliver a message and to share emotions. 

Both have been structured and evolved differently through times and civilisations but the way to understand  and learn them is similar.

Teaching times: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 10:00pm

14 leather Lane, EC1N 7SU, London





You want to save some time, we need to catch up a lesson,  , you are feeling sick
or it's just raining? In 2020, the whole world had good reasons to experience online lessons and although it is not the same than in person, it does work well. 
It is indeed not for everyone but still many students enjoy learning the piano or singing from their home.


Caroline, 37 

"Thousand Seasons is a great place for everyone who loves music. I have never learned more about the right way to approach jazz improvisation on the piano than with Timothee.

I highly recommend him as he´s a passionate teacher with lots of experience and knowledge."

Ainur, 28 

"Best place to be to develop your creativity and signing skills. Stella is a brilliant coach who knows all the techniques and lets her students shine. Each lesson brings me joy, definitely recommend."

Philip, 15 

"Before Timo started teaching me 2 years ago, i was taught through the grade books and I didn’t enjoy very much. Now I can choose songs I would like to play and we can improvise these songs or adjust them so that they sound more groovy or a lot more cool. And I can accompany my mum who sings."

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