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Music Production from 50£

  • Create music without playing an instrument

  • Write and produce your own songs

  • Learn the characteristic of different music genres

  • Lessons in English, French or German


A producer is exactly the same than a composer like Beethoven but instead of writing scores for the musicians of the orchestra, we create music within the digital world by using programs and manipulating sounds on the computer. 

Music creation is a very large subject where we need as composers/producers to understand how every single instrument work, how to choose the right sounds while being able to differentiate them depending of the genre, how to organise them into sections that fit together and how to create dynamical and exciting movement and energy. All of this sub-subjects are large themselves and almost have endless possibilities.


What is music production

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In our music production lessons, we will teach you step by step how to build a piece of music starting from scratch. From analysing your reference songs in order to refine your vision to polishing the last stones of your architechture.


There are so many knowledge and possibilities that it is a huge time-sparing to learn with a teacher because we are not only going to give you information but also teach how to find out what you really need depending of your taste, level and goals. It may be a hiphop beat, a dance EDM track, a pop song or even some lounge lofi music.

What do we learn in lesson?

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We also offer our services as creators. We help to write your song and produce the customised music for you. We are here to make your vision become a work of art you can be proud of.


Maybe you just need a jingle for an ad, a hiphop beat or a lounge music for a youtube video?


We cover many music genres and options, just let us know more about your project, we will definitely be able to help you further.

We create

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In parallele to his career as a professional piano and keys player, Timothee used his vast musical knowledge to dive into the world of music production. His strong jazz backround helped him to understand some deep technics about modern actual music writing which is in constant evolution. 

Timothee has many years of experience in producing music from Jazz, Pop, RnB, NeoSoul, Lofi, Nudisco, House, Hiphop and will teach you everything about how creating original and define music.

Our Pricing

Our offer for Kids are slightly different as they follow the school calendar.

Single Lesson


/ 1 x lesson


No commitment

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

Ideal to try out

Pack of 10




/ 10 x lessons

usable within 6 months

Schedule with our online calendar

60 min duration

One time payment


Monthly Course



/ per month

weekly lessons

Get your own regular slot

60 min duration

Record your pieces

109 for fortnightly lessons

Convenient Direct Debit setup

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