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Get your song produced

Why do you actually need a music producer?

As an artist, your mission is to create something new while staying authentic and true to yourself. Some of you might have enough self-confidence and knowledge to understand their potential but most need external feedbacks to figure out their uniqueness. Musicians and artists tend to study as much as possible about how to think music. They learn, analyse, compare, imitate. And it is so easy to forget that technic and knowledge are just tools that support the essence of music, feelings. And it is only when an artist's feelings are followed by knowledge and skill that there can be magical music.

Music producers mission is to fill the gaps of knowledge by taking care of the technical aspects of music while artists can focus on their feelings. But most of all, producers help them to become aware of how to create the best of what they have to say with what they can do.

Why work with us?

We love all music genres. We have been doing music for almost 20 years, studying, playing and experimenting with most styles. Pop, Hiphop, Jazz, RnB, Trap, Rock, Folk, Reggaeton, EDM and much more…

We are also musicians Not only we know how to produce music using samples and plugins but we can also play and record the keys, guitars, bass and drums at a professional level.

We work as a team. Even when you work mainly with one producer, the others are here to inspire with ideas, give feedbacks and record their main instruments.

We work methodically. We want to maximise the quality and the speed of our work together with methods and structures.

We are also teachers. Being a good teacher means being patient, clear, respectful and empathetic. All of these traits are very helpful to make sure your ideas are understood while you enjoy the process.

We are honest and transparent. While the production of a song is made of several phases, we will always give you honest feedbacks and advices about what you and your music truly need. 

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While we are always excited to experiment with new influences and get out of our comfy zones, we crafted our sound around the projects we have been working on through years. Here's a mix of songs we all produced.

Most of them were mixed and some written by ourselves.


The process

We can take care of all different phases of the production process of a song. It is recommended that you attend the sessions with us at least once for each phase to make sure we are moving in the right direction. Of course, you are welcome to come every time work with us, share your ideas, give your feedbacks. This will help the process to be faster and clearer.

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Vocal Production

When the main structure of the song is produced, your vocals need to be recorded. You might have already written the main melody but a full vocal production consists of arranging all kind of backing vocals. 

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A great production starts with a great song. After listening to your demo, we will give you our most honest feedback about if we think the song itself needs to be restructured, corrected or rewritten. No matter what, we respect your choices and ideas, we are here to show you a new perspective you may have not seen before and help you get the best out of what you have already written. 

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When the song is ready, it’s time to think about how we should produce it. This step consists of listening to your references and finding out what vibes and grooves fit to the story your song is telling. We try out different beats and moods so you can hear, compare and then decide which version will be the one to continue working on. 

Music Production

Now that we know where we are heading, this is the big step where we experiment with samples, record some instruments, create contrasts and dynamic through the whole song. Each instrument and sound is attached to specific moods and genres. Down to the smallest details, we will add layers and ear candies to create unique productions that either fit perfectly into a specific style of music or a complete crossover.

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After we are all happy with the recordings and the production, we take care of editing your vocal takes, add some effects and improve the clarity of all stems. While we mix the songs ourselves using all different pairs of ears, we work together with several mastering engineers who will deliver the final production under our supervision. 

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How to get started?

We can help you figure out where you are standing with your songs and what you need to get to the next step. As soon as you feel stuck no matter at which phase, wether you have already produced a demo or only written half of a song, we are here to support and advice you with honesty. And the best way to get started is to communicate and share your ideas on a consultation with our team. 

During a consultation, our team will:

  • Listen to what you have done

  • Understand what are your goals

  • Analyse your music references

  • Advice you on what can be improved

  • Propose you a customised production plan.

Our prices

Some projects require more or less time, precision and creativity than others. This is why our service list below is approximate and here only to give you an idea of our average prices.

Services for a full music production 







Pre-production (or demo)

Music Production

Vocal Production

Post-production (mixing/mastering)

All other services






Acoustic accompaniment 


A full song production that includes all of our services can easily exceed £1000 and we know it can be difficult for some independent artists to pay the full amount all at once. Although we respect our time, work and professionalism, we believe money should not be the first obstacle to create great music. 


Here are several ways we could help to make your project work in line with your budget.

Split in 3

Pay the full amount 

of the project in 

3 instalments.



Do some of the work yourself. And if you need some help, we could teach you how to:

  •  record your voice

  •  produce your demos

  •  finish your songs

Phase by

Take your time and start by working on one phase of your project. You will then see whether it is worth continuing to work with us.


have a


Meet with us and tell us what your vision and your budget are. We'll tell you exactly what the priorities are so you can use your time, energy and money wisely.

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