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Is the first lesson for free? 

Trial lessons cost the same as a normal individual lesson without contract which has to be paid before attending the lesson. We have sometimes special offers which you can find on Facebook or Instagram.

Am I flexible? Can I cancel/postpone my lesson?

The studio is open during the week and on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. so that we can always find a suitable appointment. You can cancel or reschedule your lesson 48 hours in advance.

Where are lessons held? 

The lessons take place in our studios in Central London, EC1N 7SU, 14 Leather Lane

It is also possible to have lessons online

How free am I with my song selection?

We are here to advice you which song is best suited to your skills and to our lessons but you can always choose what you like! Every genre is respected and welcome, whether you want to sing soul or rock, learn how to rap or improvise jazz solos, study folk or children's songs.

I am a beginner, are the lessons suitable for me?

We have experience in teaching 5 to 65 year olds students and we can say with good reason. it is never too late to discover new hobbies, find yourself in the art of fulfilling old dreams.




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