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Music Lessons for Children

At Thousand Seasons Studio, we also teach music lessons to Kids and teenagers from the age of 6 to 18 in Central London. We offer monthly plans with weekly Singing, Piano, Guitar or Music Production lessons of 30 or 60minutes during the school terms. 

Teaching children is a bit different from teaching adults. They don’t always ask questions even when they don’t understand something. They don’t always know consciously what they like or dislike and they are not necessarily focused at every lessons. But at the same time, they can be more creative and sometimes even more disciplined than adults.
This is why children needs more attention, patience with careful and empathetic teachers. We have long experience in teaching kids with different methods adapted to different personalities. And we always put fun in the first place because we believe music is not meant to be felt as a compulsory subject but as a creative activity that inspire and bring joy to life.

Our Philosophy

The main reason why most children stop playing music after several years of lessons is because they don’t enjoy it anymore. They are bored of playing only classical music and practising a piece for 3 months with endless pages to read.

We focus on teaching our students how to have fun with music and to be creative. Many students might practise with discipline and consistency for years but it is not worth it if they stop and forget everything they learned.

Our approach is not only to encourage them to listen and play different music genres to understand what they enjoy the most, but also to teach them how to make music without scores. Our students learn how to use their ears and their musical knowledge to play songs and write their own pieces. We teach them how to feel and enjoy music.

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Singing is always fun especially standing on a stage, with a great sound and a microphone. While learning singing and breath technics,  our singing students will quickly be able to practise their favourite songs and learn how to perform on stage. We also teach to write original songs and encourage our young singers to record their voices at professional standard quality in our studio. 


The piano is a great instrument for the youngest. It's easy to recognise the notes and play a first tune after several lessons. We teach the theory aspects of music like reading but also encourage creativity at an early age. After understanding basic harmony rules, our students will be able to experiment and write their first melodies.


The guitar is the most learned instrument by anyone who wish to sing some songs and have fun with friends. And this is exactly what we teach from the beginning. Our guitar students will learn how to create rhythms and play along with our teachers or with recordings. They will also practise well known guitar solos and create their first improvisation. 

Music Production

If your child seems to be very musical and creative but don't want to learn an instrument, why not try music production? We teach how to create music on computers to children from 8 years old. Some young students even get motivated to learn an instrument after knowing what they can do with it. 

Single Lesson


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30 min lesson

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30 min lessons




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weekly lessons during school terms

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for children up to 12 

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/ per month

weekly lessons during school terms

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60 min duration

for experienced and older students 

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