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Hammers and Keys

Lab-style lessons


Almost like Group Lessons


A typical group lesson is where there are plenty of students guided by one teacher working on the same topics at the same time. 


Here are the main issues:

- The teacher cannot adapt his class to everyone's pace, while some students may need more time than others to solve problems. 

- All students have to practise on the same pieces although they might not have the same music taste or level. 

- The teacher can’t give much individual attention as the class must go on.


1 to 1 Lessons 

1 to 1 Lessons on the other hand are great for advanced students but they can be overwhelming for beginners. 


Having a teacher sitting next to you and watching your every move all the time feel pressuring. And you get used to rely on your teacher who explains immediately what you could understand on your own.


But The truth is that you DO NOT need attention for a whole hour. Just enough to know what and how to practise. 

Teenage Students Studying Electronic Keyboard In Music Class.jpg

Lab-style lesson is a modern teaching method that combine the benefits or group lessons and 1 to 1 lessons. Everyone sits at their own keyboard and practices with headphones. 

You don’t need to keep up, be the same age or level as anybody in the room.

You don’t need to play the same pieces 

You get enough individual attention to make sure you understand the tasks

You get your own practise time to go over things by yourself. Without pressure, without anyone looking over your shoulders all the time. 


Our Pricing

Single Lesson


/ 1 x lesson


No commitment

Join  whenever you want


60 min duration

Ideal to try out

Get at Taster




/ 4 x lessons


4 lessons

Join whenever you want

60 min duration

One time payment


Monthly Course



/ per month

weekly lessons

Change classes when you want

60 min duration

Participate in school concerts

Access to our scores Library  

Get unique practising playback

Record your pieces

Convenient Direct Debit setup

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