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With Your Own Voice

Singing Lessons in central London


Jazz, Pop, Musical, Improvisation and more...

Each of us has a unique voice. A very special instrument that is directly related to our soul and which can awaken our deepest Emotions. Singing can help improve many areas of your life that go beyond performing. Whether it's a hobby to relax, to build self-confidence, or to create memorable speeches, a structured and accompanied singing practice is something that everyone can benefit from.


Through individual lessons, you will be able to discover your own timber and natural voice. We believe music is personal so it’s even more important to find your own style, characteristics and possibilities so that you can sing in an authentic and unique way.

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A Benefit for everyone

Over the past decades there has been scientific growing evidence supporting the potential utility of music in medicine. 

But sound healing has actually ancient roots in cultures over the whole world like the Australian Aboriginal tribes who already used the didgeridoo as a sound healing instrument for over 40 000 years.


Given that everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves, it makes sense that sound frequencies impact how we feel.

Singing can heal by spreading low and high vibrations inside the body. But also every letter and combinations of letter we sing have a different effect on the body and nervous system. Here are some proven facts about the benefits of singing.


  • Vocal lessons Strengthen the immune system, help to eliminate problems with the respiratory tract, cure bronchial asthma, and can even set free from colds.

  •  It increases the production of the hormone of happiness - endorphin which helps fight against stress,  Depression, insomnia.  It affects positively the development and functioning of the brain.

  • Many studies results showed that singing can help eliminate stuttering.

  •  Singing develops the soul, Helps the subtle bodies to evolve .  It is a quality work with vishuddha chakra, thereby revealing many other Talents, influencing self-expression in the world.

  •  During pregnancy, it is very healthy to sing for the Expectant Mom and the Baby.

  •  Taking vocals lessons keeps the voice in a good shape, it makes it hardy for the whole day and leaves it young for life.

Singing is great for health

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Taking vocal Lessons help to overcome the fear of speaking to an audience, going on stage and the fear of expressing your opinion, speaking loudly, clearly and confidently.


By practising in every lesson on a small studio stage, you get used to perform and it is no longer scary to stand in front of an audience. 


From the first lesson, we learn to speak and sing into a microphone. It helps to get to know your voice better by revealing many new colours of it you didn’t know. 


And for the most daring, we offer professional recording sessions.  This is an extraordinary experience that is important for everyone who loves to sing and wish to record a song as a great memory or as a gift.


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Through her life fully dedicated to music, Stella gathered a considerable amount of knowledge. By practising and performing with musicians from different scenes like Pop and Jazz and studying different methodologies and ways of teaching, she acquired a deeply understanding of music that does not restrain to one philosophy. But one thing for sure is that no matter what you learn, there is always a fun way to practise it. All exercises are always accompanied with musical contexts and songs that you enjoy. 


Here are some of the subjects she take care of: 


  • breathing techniques

  • Chest voice 

  • Head voice

  • Mixed voice

  • Belting

  • Melisma

  • Scat singing and improvisation

  • Yodelling

  • Vibrato

  • Rapping

  • Developing timber colours

  • Vocal tricks


Stella is an official representant of the ImproviNation Vocal Methodology which she uses for her lessons. It includes very useful explanations and effective exercises that fits for every level. 

Our Pricing

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