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"The Art of Accompaniment"

- 3 months course -

If you sing and want to accompany yourself on the piano, this 3 month course is definitely for you, whether you have never touched the piano or have taken piano lessons for years. The “Art of Accompaniment” course is specifically designed for singers who will learn basics to advanced piano technics to accompany their singing in an intuitive and comfortable way. 


What you'll learn

The "Art of Accompaniment" focuses on teaching the main tools singers need to support their performance or that of other singers. Students will get the opportunity to learn and practise weekly with one of our piano teachers in 1 to 1 lessons as well as with other students during group sessions.


We will send a questionnaire before the beginning of the course to understand your experience with the piano and to adapt our program to your skills.  But no matter your level, the tools you will learn and practise are divided into 3 parts: Harmony, Rhythm and Performance



Understand chords and learn how to use them. Start with creating basic chords used

in most pop songs and finish with adding extensions to more complex and colourful  progressions. 



Listen to music and reproduce rhythmical patterns of different genres that bring life and movement to your chord progressions.. 



Learn how to interact with a singer by following the melody, filling the gaps, keeping the tempo and creating contrast and arrangements through a performance. 

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