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Recharge,  Unwind,

Rediscover Yourself

Through SINGING 


in Central London (Holborn)

Balance your working life with a creative and fun hobby at Thousand Seasons Studio


Are the demands of your working life leaving you stressed, prompting you to seek a break from the hustle? Are you looking to relax and recharge, away from the daily grind? 

Have you ever wanted to: 


  • Play your favourite songs on a piano whenever your mood calls for it?

  • Improvise on a piano?

  • Make your friends and family gatherings more memorable and fun? 

  • Have a creative hobby that inspires and energizes you?

  • Let your brain to relax and unwind after a busy day?

Join a class

Join a discovery class

for  SINGING  


Whether you've never played an instrument before or had several years of piano lessons in your childhood, we are certain our piano classes can have a positive impact on your life, no matter your age.


We teach how to listen, understand, feel, and play the piano in a way you have never experienced before. 


It’s a deep immersion in the process of making music that cannot be forgotten, even without practise.



4x 60min lessons held on a weekday during evenings or on the weekend


Small class

Group lessons of maximum 3 adults

Convenient Location

5 min walk from Farringdon or Chancery Lane station

Modern Method

Learn with unique methods based around contemporary genres

Experienced Teachers

Highly experienced and patient teachers providing personalised advices and feedback 

Sign up for 


Here’s what you will do in 4 weeks

Discover our unique teaching methods

Practise a new piece on the piano

Find your groove with catchy rhythms  

Play with other students together as a band

Understand the basics of reading music scores

Learn about useful general music knowledge

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


 reviews copied from google maps

William, 34


I was taking the introductory piano lessons with Timothée and I had a great time ! The lessons were very fun, the teacher is very patient and I learnt a lot in only 4 weeks. Thank you !

Eve, 31

I highly recommend Thousand Seasons Studio. Timothee’s approach to the piano is amazing and I’ve progressed more now (as an adult learner) than when I was learning in school. Great location too!

May, 27

The classes are beginner friendly and it was a good few months getting to know the piano and music. I still enjoy every lesson and definitely recommend this for anyone curious about piano!

Anuradha, 44

3 months of piano teaching. A massive recommendation for any adult looking for a new way to learn. I also did a month's introduction course prior and also recommend it.

Stella vocal coach-3.jpg

Interested in learning other instruments or take singing lessons? 


Meet the head of our piano lessons

Timothee is a professional pianist, music producer and music coach with an extensive experience teaching from beginners to semi-professional musicians and artists.


After studying Jazz piano at the music college of Munich with the legendary and worldwide acclaimed jazz pianist Leonid Chizhik, the franco-georgian musician continues his artistic path performing his original music, composing and arranging for other artists, entertaining at private parties, weddings and corporate events in Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.


At that time, the 1st prize award winner (“Steinway” and “Felix Mendelssohn” competitions)  is hungry to grow and participate to a vast and varied amount of projects from Jazz combos and Big bands, Classical ensembles, Traditional Georgian Choir, Theater shows, Rock-, Latin-, Pop-, Reggae-, Funk-, Hiphop- and Folk- bands.


He discovers the world of music production and starts releasing his own music to receive more than 5millions streams on Spotify until today.


In parallel, Timothee teaches in private and public music schools for 10 years using different teaching approaches before creating a piano method based on the classical notation system, the simplicity of pop songs and the creative spirit of jazz. 


The goal is simple: teach music like a foreign language with a structure and concepts that allow all students of any level to make music actively rather than passively.


Make music “actively” rather than “passively”

Music works and can be taught EXACTLY like a language. 


In order to speak Chinese, learning poems by heart won’t be enough. Students need to understand the theory behind it and most importantly, they need to get started with actively speaking it.


Replicating pieces with only reading music sheets won’t teach you how to express yourself fully through music.


If you wish to be able to play anything at anytime just for fun without needing to prepare yourself or to remember the pieces you have been learning, you will need much more than that.


  • Understand the grammar

  • Extend your vocabulary

  • Analyse others work

  • Activate your brain

  • Acquire new habits 

  • Adapt your mindset

  • Take creative decisions


Does it feel too hard and complicated?


Well, you’ve done it all already with your native language. 


Learning a new language or music takes time, discipline and patience. 


It is a life-long commitment. 


And in reality you don’t need to become a “professional” musician to enjoy all the benefits of making music. 


Are you “talented” enough?

ANYONE has the potential to discover new sensations, to grow as a creative mind, to develop new abilities and to let music flow through them. 


Music actually goes deeper than a language. 


And no one can guess how you truly feel when YOU listen or make music. 


 It doesn’t matter because you are doing this for YOURSELF.


DON’T let past experiences scare you and have an impact on your self-confidence 


DON’T let others dictate what you shouldn’t do because you aren’t “talented” enough


DON’T compare your learning path with anyone else’s


No matter how much musical “talent” you think you have, musical expression is accessible to all of us. 


If everyone can speak a language without becoming a writer, everyone can make music without necessarily becoming a “professional” musician. 

What happens after the 4-week intro programme?


If you wish to continue your musical journey, you can then enroll in our 3-month courses.


We take into account students’ pace of learning when forming classes for these courses to create an enjoyable experience for all. This is why a 4-week programme is a great way to start your journey with us.


With practical exercises that involve listening, feeling, analysing and understanding music, students will:


  • Learn the structure of music 

  • Work on their ability to let go

  • Understand themselves and how their brain work

  • Enhance their musical ears and senses

  • Play famous pop and jazz songs

  • Create their own music

  • Feel free and connected with the piano


Cost of the 3-month course:

£498 paid in 3 monthly instalments of £166




Do I need a keyboard?

During the 4 weeks introduction programme, we don’t expect you to have a keyboard at home.  You can as well use a phone or a tablet with a piano app to remember what you will learn during the classes. Once you join our 3-month course, we will help you find the right keyboard for you depending on your space, level, and budget.

How much do I need to practise?

While you will experience better results if you practise regularly, we don’t expect you to come always prepared at every lesson. Practicing 10 to 30min per day is ideal for getting the best out of our courses.   If you never practise between the lessons, you might not be able to recall every single pieces and exercises but you will still make a modest progress because our method don’t rely only on your muscle memory.

What kind of music will be learned?

Our introductory courses don’t focus on a specific genre, while our methods are influenced by elements of pop, jazz, rock and classical music. Music is not meant to be divided into boxes. Although every genres have their own characteristics, they are only dialects of the same language that is music. They all share the same roots and comply with the same rules.

Will I get personalised feedback?

Our small classes of a maximum of 3 students are assembled with participants who have a similar musical background and pace of learning. While students still have different strengths and weaknesses, the lessons are led and structured to give a personalised experience to each student to help them resolve their difficulties.

What level is required?

Our methods are designed around concepts that you might not have heard of in traditional lessons. Whether you are a beginner or you had several years of lessons based on reading music sheets, anyone is welcome to join a 4-week introduction programme. You can join a “complete beginner” class or a “coming back” class if you had some experience with playing the piano.

I am not sure if this is for me

If you have been playing the piano for many years and you are not sure whether those classes would fit to your skills and ambition, feel free to share with us your musical background and goals to We’ll come back to you as soon as possible and advise you on what would work best for you.

The Benefits of our group lessons

Our group lessons have many features that beginners and intermediate students can benefit from.


Social interaction with other students enhances motivation and enjoyment of the learning process.

Diverse Perspectives from each other’s experience, techniques, musical tastes create a richer and more varied learning environment. 


Group performances give the opportunity to students to learn and practise how to play with other musicians.


Observational Learning help students gain insights into their own playing through observing their peers while boostingthe self-confidence of those who show off their work or performance.


Increased accountability as students feel responsible to contribute to the group's progress. This accountability can lead to more dedicated practice and commitment.



Our piano classes are generally designed to guide students through a rich and versatile learning experience that will help them grow as musicians, music listeners and music hobbyists.


Why choose music as a hobby?

Making music has many benefits. Here are just some of them. 

Stress Relief

Release your tension and liberate yourself from work-related stress.

Meet Like-Minded Music Lovers

Be a part of a supportive community and meet other amateur musicians at our events, workshops and concerts.

Unlock Creativity

Develop a creative side of your brain and express yourself through the universal and limitless language of music.

Create a Life-Time Passion

Make music an integral part of your life and set your own goals for how far you want to take this hobby. 

Unlock Artistic Potential

Get inspired and coached by a team of professional musicians, experienced teachers and active artists to explore your artistic spirit. 

Mindful Relaxation

Experience a unique way to unwind and bring peace to your life.

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