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Jazz Piano Lessons

Thousand Seasons Studio welcomes piano lovers of all ages to join us to study the piano in a unique environment in central London dedicated to music in all its form.

If you wish to play RnB, Neosoul, Lofi hiphop  or Blues, having some knowledge in Jazz music is definitely a first step. Even if you wish to play mostly Pop music, understanding Jazz harmonies can really bring your skills to a next level. Our Jazz course is designed for all piano students from beginners to semi-professionals of all ages.


What you'll learn


No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced or semi professional pianist, here ’s what you can expect from our Jazz piano course

Learn jazz standards using your ears and lead sheets
Study Jazz harmonies and rhythms 
Analyse solos and create your own musical language 
Develop your improvisation with an unique method

Accompany and perform with our singing students
Write and record your own music   

For Beginners

 If you have never plaid the piano before, we highly recommend to start with our beginner course to learn the basics. Those who have some experience on the piano will discover this world of endless possibilities. Work on your first improvisation, understand jazz harmony and learn how to read chords sheet to play any jazz standards.

For Intermediate

Experienced students with Jazz music will enjoy gaining in-depth and High valuable knowledge to further improve their musicality and skills. Create your own musical vocabulary by writing your solos and themes. Learn how to play bass lines, how to accompany our singing students and practise your improvisation with playbacks. 

For Advanced

Jazz is about musical freedom, expression and personality. No two pianists sounds the same at all. Our philosophy is to make you aware of your strengths and work on them to develop your own style while fixing the flaws that can disrupt your progression. At this level we will not only be your piano teacher, we will be your piano coach. Teaching you tools to help you understand how to continue working further on your skills and giving advices to get active in the London music scene.

Our Jazz piano lessons are designed to provide quality content to help all kind of students achieve a high level of musical freedom. We always encourage our students to discover new horizons and an other very wide  music genre  we recommend for a deeper understanding of  piano playing is  Pop music

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