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Pop Piano Lessons

Thousand Seasons Studio welcomes piano lovers of all ages to join us to study the piano in a unique environment in central London dedicated to music in all its form. Although we encourage our students to be curious, to listen and play all kind of music, “Pop piano” is a style of playing that help to get the basics necessary to improve further.

Join our pop piano courses to learn how to play pop songs from artists of all time like Beatles, Michael Jackson, Adele or Dua Lipa.



What you'll learn


No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced or semi professional pianist, here ’s what you can expect from our pop piano lessons

Study everything about pop chord progressions
Learn songs using your ears and lead sheets 
Arrange any tunes to your taste and skills
Enjoy jamming with grooves and rhythm patterns

Work on your improvisation skills
Write your own songs  


For Beginners

If you are a beginner, we guarantee you that you will be able to play your first song after 2 or 3 piano lessons even if you can’t read any scores. We will teach you how to read music but it is not our priority as we think that doing music should start with listening and understanding before reading. After learning how to use chords and basic piano technics, you will be able to adapt any song to your skills and find a way to play whatever you like. 

For Intermediate

Piano students who  have experience in pop piano playing will enjoy gaining in-depth and valuable knowledge to further improve their musicality and skills.

Add more colours to your chord progressions and harmonies, learn advanced technics and interesting rhythms that will allow you a wider musical expression, finish writing your own pieces and record them with our guidance and advices. You will also have the opportunity to play with our singing students and perform at our school concerts alone or with other musicians. 

For Advanced

At this level we will not only be your piano teacher, we will be your piano coach. We will fix bad habits and flaws you have in your playing and understanding of the piano while helping you polish your sound and techniques to make you sound like a pro. Our piano coaching will bring you clarity, precision, drive, discipline and creativity with exercises, concepts and the right mindset that will make you feel completely free, independent and limitless.

Our pop piano lessons are designed to provide quality content to help all kind of students achieve a high level of musical freedom. But there is always more to learn and we highly encourage our piano students to continue upgrading their piano playing by diving into a world even more complex and rich in colours: the world of JAZZ. 

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